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Welcome to 2017!

In 2017, we bring you 5 book collections. These books range from computer basics to the life story of our founder and CEO, John Monyjok Maluth. Born in Sudan in 1983, this author has so many real-life stories to share with the world. You will read about when he was born, where he was born from, and many other events in his life, that literally relate to the history of Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudan Civil Wars and the calling into ministry—This is the autobiography of the world’s greatest author. In the Dhuording Village, west of Nasir Town, in eastern Upper Nile State, Republic of South Sudan, a very handsome boy was born in May, 1983. A time when the longest African civil war began. And through the pages, The author, John decodes his life story in an exemplary, beautiful way.

Journeying With God Part I-V—is a book set where you will find wisdom collections by John Monyjok Maluth. This book set contains several books in a personal discovery of the real life wisdom. This is where you will find the author’s 50 Wise Words. There are Thinking Bigger and Wiser, the National Patriotic Guide, Love is Not Blind, and much more.

Internet Residual Income—a book targeting affiliate marketers and indie authors. Its publication came after years and years of extensive research; trials and errors. The timely advices in the pages come in handy if you are looking to start a successful online business, for through the outlined ideologies, the author was able to set up a residual income system, after numerous money losses.

You will open up to programs that have been tested. This includes affiliate marketing programs such as: SFI, Amazon Associates, Avangate, Payoneer and Wealthy Affiliate. In addition to the package, learning to write, edit, publish and market your own books will be an essential gain. You will discover how to get paid weekly, monthly, yearly and apply in your online business.

Your Self-Discovery Guide—is a step to step guide in developing your career. In this set book, you will embark on a journey into self awareness. The order in which this book has been written is to “inform” and appraise your mind of the facts about who you are. Having more than one career in your lifetime is one of the facts revealed through studying this guide. Other informative information laid out in this guide are: being able to identify your personality type, knowing your temperament, and accepting and valuing yourself as you are.

Basic Computer Knowledge—this book will broaden your computer literacy through extensive guidelines on not only its Windows operating system, but also in countless topics, for instance: Windows 7 For Beginners, Windows 8 For Beginners, Windows 7 Control Panel, Windows XP Control Panel, Windows Optimization Tips, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word 2007. And to top that you’ll gain knowledge of basic graphic design skills using Microsoft Paint.

We hope you will find these books helpful for your personal development. If you are in need, or interested to learn more, simply contact us as soon as NOW! You can visit the About Page and send us your message from there. We will respond to your message as soon as possible.