Discipleship Press is a training service. We have developed course materials on different topics, such as Technology, Affiliate Marketing, Life Coaching and Book Publishing. As things change almost daily, we will be updating our courses accordingly. We believe in relationships, not religions. We believe in humanity, not races.


Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to turn your talents into a thriving business. With our affiliate marketing courses, you will learn how to sponsor other affiliates, how to generate sales, how to refer businesses to sell their stuff online, and how to sell your stuff on your own e-store. Continue reading…


Book Publishing

Have you written something, but no idea how to make it into a book? We are here to either publish it for you, or help you learn how to publish it yourself. Our courses on book publishing are easy to implement. You will learn how to publish both digital and print books in about 24 hours from the time you get started. Continue reading…


Life Coaching

Do you know your personality? You don’t have to answer this question right away, because you may not know the concept behind it. In this category, you will learn more about who you are. This is very important in everything you do in this world. Continue reading…



Learn more about computers and how they work. Create professional websites, and do more with modern technology. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or a writer, in our modern world, you need some technology knowledge to market your talents. Continue reading…