The Company

Discipleship Press as a company, was created in March 2012. The reason to create this company is to help you learn how to publish your own books.

Publishing Challenge

I wrote my first book, “The Scarification” in 2012. But, to publish it was a challenge. At that time, there were many traditional publishers in Kenya. However, I could not afford them. I also had no money to pay for the publishing.

As the result, I started to publish the book myself. I have narrated this process in the book titled, “The Author’s Experience“.

After I successfully published my book on Amazon and CreateSpace, another challenge was at hand.

Payment Challenge

The other new challenge was about how to get paid, when someone buys my book. In South Sudan, there were no banks that issue a Visa Card or MasterCard.

The payment solution I set up for my business was Payoneer MasterCard. With Payoneer MasterCard, I get paid by Amazon and CreateSpace, whenever payments are due.

Please look into The Publisher’s Guide for more details.


Vision: A Transformed Nation

Mission Statement: We exist to help you write, edit, publish, and distribute books to the right audience for the transformation of South Sudan and beyond, through positive thinking, leading to positive actions.

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