Did You Know?

Hey, greetings to you, and thanks for waiting for such a long time. I am very well, and highly favored! I was not sending any post to you all this time, because I was really busy teaching, marking and grading the work of my theology students. For sure, I am a student too! I love … Continue reading Did You Know?


We have defined evangelism last week. We have discussed common barriers to evangelism. We have noticed that these barriers can come from us, who do the evangelism work, as well as from those responding to the message we presented. Fear, lack of knowledge, lack of concern, misplaced faith, and the like, were some of the main … Continue reading Evangelism–Message

The Family

We are a family of 5 people by now. I, John, I'm the husband and a father of three kids. Eliza, my dear wife is a wife and a mother to all of us in this family. Our children are, Chol, Sunday and Deng, in their order of birth. Chol is the elder boy followed … Continue reading The Family

Anger Is Real

Anger is not a thought. It really happens. It is a feeling that comes and goes, just as any other feelings do. Anger happens to all living things, I guess. It happens to me almost every day at different levels even though I'm a devout Christian. It seems everyone can get annoyed and even feel … Continue reading Anger Is Real