My Best Friend

BY RANDALL J. BREWER My best friend was not always my best friend. At first I couldn’t stand this guy. I despised even the mentioning of his name. My skin would crawl and my stomach would turn whenever he showed up at my door. Yuck! Yuck! Why would God make this guy in the first … Continue reading My Best Friend

Affiliate Business

We are back to business again! First, greeting to you. How are you doing? I am blessed, and highly favored. Before I talk about the affiliate business, I would like to share with you a funny, but real-life story. In the last few days, a professional thief broke into my storehouse in the middle of the … Continue reading Affiliate Business

My Tab For Reading

Dear readers. Here is another message from DP. I hope this is not too much of the week. I know what it means to be send too many things in a week! I have unsubscribed to many sites because they ended up flooding my inbox with things I may not necessarily need. I hope I'm … Continue reading My Tab For Reading

What I am Doing Now

Dear Readers. How are you all doing? I know we all have something to do despite our age and qualifications. I just wanted to share with you about what I have been doing these days. The reason to share this with you is simple. I just want you to know where I live and the situation … Continue reading What I am Doing Now