About John


John Monyjok Maluth, is a teacher, internet marketer, and a nonfiction writer. As a former child soldier in Sudan, this author has a lot of real-life stories to tell. He writes Computer Guides, Self-help Guides, Career Development Guides, Real life stories and Conflict Management Guides.

His works are known by many readers as being educative, informative, historical and instructive. Many readers find his non-fiction works as very encouraging and helpful for personal development.

His works are found on Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords, and TripleClicks. He is marketing products on SFI and Wealthy Affiliate programs. He also earns real residual income online, through many other affiliate programs. His bestseller title is Internet Residual Income. He is the founder and the first CEO of Discipleship Press.

John has experience in both public relations, public speaking, journalism, computing, business management, and e-business skills. He is studying other subjects of interest at Alison.com, a free online study website. These courses are: Computer Studies, Management Studies, Journalism Studies, and others.

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John is here, writing, editing, publishing and distributing books to readers locally, nationally and internationally. He believes, if many South Sudanese people read good books, they will be transformed individually, thus the transformation of the nation.