Our world is changing each day! Many things are becoming electronic, including how you can be doing your business. This is where the idea of e-business comes in handy. There are many kinds of e-businesses, depending on what people do online. This website, is an example of the e-business, because it teaches you how to create your very own book press.

We also have created a complete separate website, which will teach you everything you need to know about e-business. This includes affiliate business, and creating your very own e-commerce website!

This means it’s your own choice to either promote other people’s products and services, and earn money, or create your own e-commerce site, where you will be marketing your very own digital and physical products.

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On the 3rd of October, 2016, our CEO released a new book, that teaches you about how to start your own e-business and succeed. You can get this book both as a digital version, as well as a print version. The book is now the best seller of all our released titles. Many people find it very simple to read, and excellent on how to create an internet residual income, while working at home.

Get the digital version—PDF = $5.00

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Price: $5—500Ksh

Internet Residual Income, is an internet marketing guide, for affiliate business marketers, and digital book publishers like you. Besides, you can actually sell the same book and get $1 per a sale you referred! This can be 100Ksh. In this book, you will learn how to start your own online business in one week! This book is mainly about the SFI Affiliate system, but it moves beyond affiliate business. You can actually create your own affiliate system, after reading this book. Take action now, if you are for your own success.

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