The Initiation Mandate

(Previously published at John Shalom Blog). At the age of fifteen, Wiyual had arrived at the preferable age for initiation in his community, the facial scarification. Those facial marks prove to be painful, since the knife could cut the skin, the muscles, the veins, arteries, capillaries, nerves and even a quarter deep into the skull … Continue reading The Initiation Mandate

At the Archives

A notice, a digital notice on social media was visible to them all. The time, venue and date were readable, including some rules, and the entry fee, not an entry exam; nobody was to give them any written exam. He could not wait to see his friends, the other writers from another country; if at … Continue reading At the Archives

Just Speechless!

My family was about to be among them. But, something told me not to allow them to come with that car! Most women and children, together with some men, perished in that attack. I counted the dead bodies myself, on Sunday morning.   Just horrible! I can't understand God's love, justice and care anymore. I … Continue reading Just Speechless!

The 5th Anniversary

Dear readers. You may all know that, South Sudan as the youngest nation of the world, is now five years old from its independence from Sudan. The country was officially declared the Republic of South Sudan on the 9th July, 2011. Instead of us celebrating the great day with joy and happiness, the day was … Continue reading The 5th Anniversary