The IPPC 2015

Greetings to all of you in Jesus' mighty name. I have been away for about two weeks, and thank God, I'm back to my motherland, South Sudan. I traveled to three different countries in Africa this month, November 2015. I went to Uganda, Ethiopia and finally Nigeria. The reason for this trip was for International … Continue reading The IPPC 2015

Did You Know?

Hey, greetings to you, and thanks for waiting for such a long time. I am very well, and highly favored! I was not sending any post to you all this time, because I was really busy teaching, marking and grading the work of my theology students. For sure, I am a student too! I love … Continue reading Did You Know?


As we said earlier in the first post (Evangelism--Basic Issues), it is true that evangelism and discipleship go together. We cannot separate the two. Evangelism without discipleship is not evangelism at all! It is like a house with no foundation. But, what is discipleship? Discipleship is a word used to describe a process of making disciples. … Continue reading Discipleship


There are so many different types or levels to share the message of the cross with others. When we share Christ with others as individual persons, we call this Personal Evangelism. When we preach the message of the cross on the streets, or in public places, we call this Public Evangelism. Still, when we organize … Continue reading Evangelism–Types


It is not every principle that will work with every soul winner! Yet, there are basic ways of sharing our faith with others. As we said earlier, evangelism is sharing the good news of Christ with others. The purpose for this is to win them to Christ. Now, what if the people don't need Christ? … Continue reading Evangelism–Principles