4 Types of Love in the Bible

Previously published at John Shalom blog here... It came to my attention that when I use the word LOVE, especially when referring to my female friends, both on and offline, the mood changes greatly. I can feel the change. This is because love is an emotional word with many different connotations. People interpret love based … Continue reading 4 Types of Love in the Bible

African Ancient Love vs Western Modern Love

Posted in John Shalom blog here. In this article, I am discussing erotic love, the love between women and men. In the Bible, four types of love or four different words were used to describe love. Yet, other scholars seem to confess that eros is not used in the Bible because it's a kind of … Continue reading African Ancient Love vs Western Modern Love

Modern Romantic Relationships

(First published at John Shalom blog here)... These were topics learned during the student orientation group discussions with Reverend Pastor Saphano Riak Chol. The orientation was organized by Padang Youth Association members in 2018: Nairobi, Kenya. I am here to share these lessons with you. The discussions began with Ian Duncan’s 2017 research findings on … Continue reading Modern Romantic Relationships

Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Previously posted at John Shalom (blog here). In my book, Modern Marriage and God, my main focus was not to release a religious textbook at all. The point in this book is facts, not what we want to be, or should be there, but what is really happening. To explain what I personally termed as … Continue reading Types of Wedding Ceremonies