In The News!

As we work on the official registration for Discipleship Press, the news about our services is spreading in the local newspapers! These newspapers are The Dawn Daily Newspaper, and The Daily Vision Newspaper. In these newspapers, we advertise the affiliate business in the front. If you have access to these newspapers, you will see our … Continue reading In The News!

Free Training

Welcome to Discipleship Press. Here, you can read books online, or download them to your device for offline reading purposes. On this website, you have 5+ free guides, to help you get started on your journey. These are both self-discovery, as well as step-by-step guides on the important topics. Books: Amazon, Smashwords, CreateSpace, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble. How can I write … Continue reading Free Training

A Featured ECA Of The Day!

Dear valued reader. Did you know you are one of the 2,000 other readers of our blog posts? Well, you deserve a really BIG pat on the back! I can only do this in words, since I don't actually know where you are on earth. Today, we are talking about business. Sorry if this sounds … Continue reading A Featured ECA Of The Day!

Moving Forward!

Dear readers. Greetings to all of you in Jesus' Name. I and the family are doing well on the other side of the globe. I'm glad to tell you all the time about what I'm going through. Not for fame, but for sharing the experience. I think this is the driving force in my writing … Continue reading Moving Forward!

The 4th Anniversary

South Sudan is now 4 years old from birth. It was born out of Sudan, on the 9th July, 2011. The South Sudanese people are celebrating the 4th Anniversary of independence today all over the nation. But, there are still a lot more to be done! South Sudan needs peace and stability. Recently, the rebels … Continue reading The 4th Anniversary