New Developments

It's been a time of fighting, and war again in my capital city. Many people placed orders for my bestsellers, but the these orders took about a week, before delivery, something that rarely happen with Discipleship Press. You may be one of the victims, right? Anyway, the reasons for not sending you your digital books … Continue reading New Developments

The 5th Anniversary

Dear readers. You may all know that, South Sudan as the youngest nation of the world, is now five years old from its independence from Sudan. The country was officially declared the Republic of South Sudan on the 9th July, 2011. Instead of us celebrating the great day with joy and happiness, the day was … Continue reading The 5th Anniversary

In The News!

As we work on the official registration for Discipleship Press, the news about our services is spreading in the local newspapers! These newspapers are The Dawn Daily Newspaper, and The Daily Vision Newspaper. In these newspapers, we advertise the affiliate business in the front. If you have access to these newspapers, you will see our … Continue reading In The News!