At the Archives

A notice, a digital notice on social media was visible to them all. The time, venue and date were readable, including some rules, and the entry fee, not an entry exam; nobody was to give them any written exam. He could not wait to see his friends, the other writers from another country; if at … Continue reading At the Archives

Internet: A short story

A SHORT STORY Try to read this short story, and let me know what you think about it. “Hi, dear! Where have you been for the last three days?” "Hello, User. How are you?" "I am doing very well, Brother Internet. I am happy to see you here." "To answer your question, I think you … Continue reading Internet: A short story

Chapter 6 – Life Cure

Six ‘Hello Panyim, how are you doing?’ ‘Not good. They left us too soon! I already missed Biel, my brother. ‘But, at least you’ve seen him for some days. Did you love his stories? He loves you so much. He carried you on his shoulders many times in a day.’ ‘Yes! And that’s why I … Continue reading Chapter 6 – Life Cure

New Developments

It's been a time of fighting, and war again in my capital city. Many people placed orders for my bestsellers, but the these orders took about a week, before delivery, something that rarely happen with Discipleship Press. You may be one of the victims, right? Anyway, the reasons for not sending you your digital books … Continue reading New Developments