Technology Essentials

Course Description Technology Essentials is a short course, with a brief look at the Information and Communication Technology; the bird’s eye on the topic. It then narrows down to website creation and development techniques. If you are looking for a way to create websites, either for personal use or for business, then this course is … Continue reading Technology Essentials

New Developments

Discipleship Press is a training service. We have developed course materials on different topics, such as Technology, Affiliate Marketing, Life Coaching and Book Publishing. As things change almost daily, we will be updating our courses accordingly. We believe in relationships, not religions. We believe in humanity, not races. Technology Learn more about computers and how … Continue reading New Developments

Updates – June 2017

BESTSELLING eBooks! Dear readers. Greetings from your 'Digital Downloads' store... Below are the bestselling eBooks we think you NEED NOW! 1. Internet Residual Income - Digital Version 2. Freed Forever! - eBook 3. The Marketing Guide - eBook 4. The Publisher's Guide - eBook 5. The Editor's Guide - eBook 6. Marketing Training Service - … Continue reading Updates – June 2017