Affiliate Training

With Discipleship Press, you do not have to be a writer in order to create your internet-based business. You can advertise and market other people’s products and services, and make a living! Your talents are given by God, and you can use them for his glory.

#1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associate is actually an affiliate program. You can sell products and services, and get paid commissions for doing this. You will have to sign up for the program before you can sell products!

In this course, you will learn how to sign up for this affiliate business. You will also learn how to market products and make more money.

#2. Smashwords Affiliate Program

With Smashwords, you can not only publish books, you can also affiliate with authors, agents and publishers, and sell books and get paid about 11—85% commissions!

In this course, you will learn how to create your SW account, and get your affiliate links instantly. There is no approval needed, before you can get your affiliate links. There is no guarantee that you will money on your first day! Making money is a process. It may take you hours, days, weeks and even years in order to see your first payments. It needs commitment and hard work to make real money.

#3. Payoneer Affiliate Program

Payoneer is my best affiliate program ever. You get the MasterCard from Payoneer for free, and when you refer other friends to sign up for the same card, you get a commission of $25.00. Both you and your referral get the same reward, when they get paid about $100.00 for the first time.

#4. Wealthy Affiliate Program*

WA is the best place to learn everything from creating your own business, to promoting this program and make money. Your earnings start from $4 to $137 each month per a referral, depending on their membership status! You will have access to over 100,000 community members for support. You will have to pay $19.00 after your first 7 days of joining the program, and then $47.00 each month, for your membership.

#5. SFI Affiliate Program*

The SFI is another free best affiliate platform. You join SFI for free, and it remains free for life! But, for you to make money, you will either buy products and services, or sponsor other SFI affiliates. Like WA, your affiliates must work hard in order for you to get paid. You can also refer customers to SFI’s store and get commissions when they buy something.


  • Make money out of other people’s products and services.
  • Learn modern marketing techniques.
  • Become a professional Online Entrepreneur.
  • Build a perfect Internet Residual Income.
  • Teach others to do what you do!

Courses marked with (*) may need some investment before you make money!