Today marks my 35th year on planet earth. Microseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, and millenniums, all dwell in the time boundary. Time flies. It comes to pass, not to stay. The whole universe, the physical world never stops rotating, moving with a definite precision or else.

Rather than complaining that my cup is half-way empty, I thank God, my late parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, colleagues, teachers, enemies, people, insects, fish, birds, animals and the creation at large, for the great impact in my life on this planet earth. Out of a million, one sperm made it through, that can’t be a mistake!

Everything I have touched, seen, tasted, heard and smell has an impact in my life, positive or negative. Both friends and enemies impacted my life in many different ways.

Thank you James Maluth, my father. Thank you Sarah Nyareeth, my mother. Thank you all for your parental care. You’ve done your best in bringing me in to this world, and nurturing me to become who I am today. Rest in peace, my dear parents; your names will live on even longer after your deaths. See you again in that world of peace when time arrives.

Elizabeth Ayak, and Rebecca Achol, thank you all, my dear wives for all the commitment and trust you’ve shown to me over the years. God bless you and your children, our children. I love you both with an undivided love, the true African love, the agape. Thank you all for your tireless support for me and our children. Your reward is much bigger than you can ever imagine.

Thank you all, my students, my readers, (both online and offline), you keep me write until time won’t allow. Thank you all for reading my posts, e-books, print books and articles of all sorts. Would you share this article with your friends?

Thank you Chol, Nyan-deng, Nyan-long, Deng and Kong, my dear children; you all have an impact in my life. I am honored and respected by your age mates because of you. God bless you richly in every way. Divine health, peace of mind and prosperity are your birth rights. You are a blessing for South Sudan, Africa and the world at large. I am proud of you all as your father.

Thank you so much Evangelist James Deng, Reverend John Aben, Dr. Francis, Reverend Saphano, Pastor Joram, Pastor Frank, Deaconess Nancy, Pastor Elijah Akol, and Pastor Peter Bol, for being my teachers and mentors in this earthly life. Pastor Chris, you have a special place in my heart.

Elijah Kueth, you are awesome, brother. Thank you so much for risking your life to take me away from that part of the world to yours. You are God’s instrument. God bless you, your wives and your children after you for the good work you have done.

God bless you all, my mentors. The list is endless; I need a special article for it. If you desire life on earth, life in full without sickness, poverty, depression and discouragement, then take some of your valuable time and resources to listen to men like Pastor Chris, Pastor Benny Hinn and many others. Check them out on #LoveWorldUSA YouTube channel.

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