The Bigger Picture

By John Monyjok Maluth

Life is history. With everything in it, it came to pass, not to stay. If seen as such, why worry? Every event, every place visited, every person you have ever met, and everything in between, was part of your life story.

Look, every person I have ever met, was part of my life story. Everything that ever happened around me, to me, by me, and with me, was nothing less but part of the whole. Every event, tear, disease, pain, joy, laughter, and disaster, was part of me.

Behold, every place I lived had a lot to do with my life. What can I learn from this? Since I had a chance to live in that village, town, state, country, continent, planet, galaxy, and that universe, was so inspiring.

From the 10th May, 1983, to the time I breathed my last breath, life was still very enjoyable. This was because everything in it came only to pass, not to stay.

When I look at life, it’s gone.

Life is history. It came to pass, not to stay. Will I leave any footprints? Will there be any benefits to them that come after me?

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