Technology: The Key!

Dear readers of DP. How are you all doing today?

Well, it may be at night to you right now, but in South Sudan, it is 11 AM. I would love to take some time to disturb a bit (I hope not), sharing something with you.

As the title of this post promises, technology is key to everything you hope to do in our  time and age. I mean, IT or ICT, also known as the Information and Communication Technology.

Generally speaking, IT applies to every aspect of life today.

Are you a writer?

You need to learn the basics of a word processor, such as Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice and many others.

Are you a blogger?

You need to learn the basics of using a platform, such as, my favorite by the way!

Beside doing other things such as watching videos or movies, reading e-books, or viewing pictures, you can use technology to reach to your audience or potential customers in any international languages, anywhere in the world through the Internet.

You don’t really have to be tech savvy, but you need to know the basics.

Learning is the best thing you can ever do, in order to update yourself in any area of expertise. Don’t feel like you know everything about what you do. Others do the same thing in a better way than you might think; learn from others.

I think I have hit my point.

  1. Be willing to learn.
  2. Take some time after work, to search the Internet for lessons related to your current career.
  3. Share your knowledge with others in your reach. I mean on and offline.
  4. Stay tuned, and if you can, please share your thoughts below.

John Shalom