Loosing Your ID!

Hi, and greetings from Discipleship Press. It has been a while since you have heard from us, isn’t it? But we are back! We are here to let you know what we have been after for the last few months. We have lost our domain for good. I mean, http://www.discipleshippress.com is gone!

But don’t worry, you can still have access to our posts, as long as you’re still interested in reading them. We will soon find another professional domain, instead of https://discipleshippress.wordpress.com, which is simply a sub-domain in web development terms. We’re working to make this website into a full e-Learning platform. I am personally doing research, and it seems a Business Plan will do this great job pretty well, what do you think?

WordPress.com cannot allow one to install external plugins, such as LearDash, which seems to be great for this job.

Any idea?

I mean, do you know any other way to make this site an e-Learning site?

Once again, we are here to write, read and learn from others like you!

Happy New month, the last month of this year, 2017…