Is It Sinful to be a South Sudanese?


Dear readers. You may be wondering when you see the title of this post. But, I would like to explain what the question is asking.

Here is the reason for the question.

I was born in Sudan, when the country was still one. This means I was born before July 9th, 2011. Since the country was divided, and the South became the Republic of South Sudan, I have also started to put into practice my technological knowledge.

But, is it sinful to be born and raised as a South Sudanese, or a Sudanese for that instance? I ask these questions because I have no rights to work anywhere in the world, when my country seems to be not in the list of nations.

I do publish books on Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and TripleClicks. I use PayPal to receive payments. I also use Payoneer for the same. But, PayPal closed my account last year, reason being that I used their services in a country they do not approve. Payoneer just send me a message to provide them with my information, including my country and the residence address, or else my account will be closed in 5 business days!

Smashwords, as I wrote this could not pay me for two quarters this year, just because of the same residence address issues as of the Amazon, TripleClicks, PayPal and Payoneer.

So, my question is going to the readers.

  • Is it sinful to be in this part of the world?
  • Who can I ask?
  • Is it my fault for my country, not to appear in the list of countries?

Kindly share your thoughts and views below.