Geeks Don’t WannaCry!

This message below was from MajorGeeks. Read it well and do something before you cry!

Attention Geeks!

Unless you have been completely engrossed in the new Injustice 2 – which is awesome, BTW – You have probably noticed the WannaCry Ransom Virus is the big news right nowIf you are reading this, it’s safe to say that you haven’t been infected as yet. But, it is best to be informed and to be as protected as possible.

WannaCry is believed to be a derivative of a stolen NSA program that can completely cripple unpatched Windows machines leaving you the choice to pay a ransom to get your data back or format your drive.  Windows 10 is less vulnerable than the other Windows OS’s because it forces updates. However, you should read our article All You Need to Know About the WannaCrypt Ransomware 

Right now the first thing you want to do is make 100% certain you have applied the correct Microsoft WannaCrypt Hotfix Patch for your operating system. We have some zipped up versions for you to download or a direct list of all the available patches if you prefer to pick and choose

Next, you want to make sure you have the right protection. Among its other excellent features,  Malware Fighter 5 PRO can prevent WannaCry and many others like it before it even gets to you machine – patched or unpatched. To prove their point em IOBit has reached out to make available a MajorGeeks exclusive discount offer of  50% OFF.   That’s $14.98 for a year’s worth of peace of mind.  Not too shabby.

Finally, and I have said this more times than I can count.  Backups are only slightly less important than your heartbeat! There are a million ways to go about a good backup system. This is how we do it.

Get yourself a backup drive. You can get an enclosed 1 TB drive on Amazon for about $50.00. Compared to around $400 for the WannaCrypt ransom that is cheap.  I use a docking station, so I don’t have to deal lots of enclosures and can store the drives unconnected. I can also buy bare drives, which are cheaper. But that is just my preference.  The important thing about a backup drive is actually to use the thing. So often, I have seen then sitting on a desk collecting dust. Finding what works right for you, is imperative. Tim and I both use Acronis True Image. This software creates a full image of your drive and can restore 100% of it at a later date. It supports snapshots and for those that require offsite backups, cloud storage as well.  Personally I keep multiple backups. Monthly, weekly and daily. trust me that is a LOT of data. However, if Acronis isn’t for you, check out our extensive library of backup software. You can defiantly find something that will suit your needs at any price point – including free.  . Then, when the next WannaCry scare comes through – and it will – you’ll be all set in case of trouble.

Hope all this helps!

Until next time,