Reconciling ATR with Christianity


This book is a must-read for all readers. It’s about Traditional African Religions (ATR), and how to reconcile this with Christianity. Dr. Francis Ayul explained in details why Christianity failed and still fails to transform lives in Upper Nile, South Sudan and Africa at large.

Dr. Also explains the way to understand the Dinka people by understanding their belief systems and worldviews. He made it clear that the Western folks made a huge mistake, when they thought they were bringing the knowledge of God to Africa. Dr. Francis Ayul went deeper into beliefs and their effects in our lives, as individuals and as a community or society.

In this book, you will learn more about the Doctrine of man and sin, also known as the “Anthropology”. The writer went ahead to discuss general philosophies, not only for Africans, but for philosophers of all times and ages.

This book will cost $10.00 only!
You can’t afford to miss a copy. To get your copy, kindly request below, or ask for the link if you can buy it online. We are still waiting for the release date from the author.

2 thoughts on “Reconciling ATR with Christianity

  1. Interesting statement, John. It does seem clear that ‘Christianity… fails to transform lives… in Africa’ just as every other religious system, including ATR, fails to transform lives. Jesus said, though, that “I have come” that you might have life, abundantly. So is the author simply comparing two of the myriad of paths that lead people astray from the ‘simplicity, and purity, of devotion to Christ’ (2Cor 11:3)?

    Your friend from Upper Nile, Dr. Rob 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Dr. Rob for your time to ask this important question.
      Dr. Francis Ayul’s argument in the book is to point out how hard it is for Christianity to transform lives among the Dinka people of South Sudan, as well as other African communities. He pointed out many issues that made it harder, and then gave his recommendations on what should be done to make Christianity a way of every day life in Africa, especially among the Dinka people of the Upper Nile State. I’m sure no one knows the Dinka beliefs and world views more than a Christian-Dinka like Dr. Francis.

      The book is now available here for orders:

      John in Nairobi, Kenya


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