Entrepreneurship Tips

Entrepreneurship Tips


John Monyjok Maluth



There is a common belief going on in our young nation. We may not be fully aware of it, because it’s like a normal lifestyle. The belief is that the government and the organizations are the only employment institutions for those who need jobs. Our concept of education is suffering misunderstanding. Most of our children and students of all kinds are told to study so that they get employments. This opinion article is directed to all the youth of South Sudan, no matter where it may find you in the world. There is nothing wrong with getting an employment, either with an organization or government. But the message is: we go to school to create jobs, instead of looking for jobs that are already there.

Public Employments

It is a good thing to find a job of your heart’s desire with the government or any organization. This may be the easiest way to find a job. But experience tells us that it is not always that easy to find the job someone desires. There are many factors involved for this statement.

First, most of the times, jobs are advertised, and there is always a need for a certain qualification. Besides, NGOs always have someone they target, so they know who will take the position. But because it is a policy to advertise, they still do so, but they already know who they are looking. This makes it very hard for you to find a job. Second, we all have likes and dislikes. This means I can’t do just anything. Most of the jobs advertised may not always be the ones you really love doing.

Most people work because of what I called “external forces” such as money, peer pressure and other outside forces. For example, when the government is in need for people to be trained in any defense and security sections, everyone may feel like to join. There may be possible reasons to join such great services for our nation. I have no personal problem with that. But, the point is, can I just do anything because others are doing the same?

Another example is that, it seems every youth of our nation wants to participate in politics. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. But, can everyone be a politician? Also, as politicians, I think we should not discuss people, but agendas. Instead of discussing leaders and their weaknesses, we should discuss things to be done and come up with action plans, no matter who is leading what. Instead of dividing up along interest groups, we should line up against things that are against the unity of our people and the development of the nation.

In short, there may be possible job opportunities in the nation, but are they what you want to do? If you serve in the national army, can you have a personal goal or goals for being there? Why am I a soldier? Why did I choose to be a business person? Know why you do what you do. Have a better reason for doing what you do, apart from money and other external forces. This is the message of this section. Next, we look at other personally initiated job opportunities.

Private Employment

Apart from government or an organizational employment, are you aware there are other employment opportunities? Yes, there are! Our world has changed and it is changing daily. I personally write from my own experience. There are many opportunities today than you might have noticed. You can employ yourself instead of waiting to be employed. I do!

1.     Affiliate Marketing

Because of today’s technology, you can sell people’s products and services virtually, and get paid. Well, but there are a lot of excuses. For example, you may say you don’t know anything about the internet and how it works. Besides, you don’t even have a computer, or electricity, or money to buy the bundles. These are all baseless excuses. I am a South Sudanese like you. I know about all those challenges, yet I do make money each week! $20 to $30 each week, is it not good money? You may make more than this.

If you can access Facebook and write posts and make comments on other people’s posts, then you are more than qualified to do this personal business. Most affiliate programs, such as Avangate and SFI do NOT require a coin to join their marketing world. They will teach you how to market other people’s products and services, and you are paid for that. There is no excuse that is always valid. What limits your reach and richness is you, nothing else. The way you think is where the problem resides, no matter where you live on earth. We are in a global village.

2.     Writing and publishing books

The main way for me to get paid weekly, apart from affiliate marketing is writing and publishing my own books and articles. As I said earlier, I may not assume everyone can be a writer. But, who knows, you may be the right person for this job. You may not just know you can write and publish your own works. Many people believe that only professors can write good books. I disagree with that. I am not yet a professor, but I have written 37 books and booklets in the last four years!

Too many! No. I’m still writing more. But what are the books about? These are books about what I am telling you in this article. They are mostly about how things are done with the current technology. I wrote about how to sell to other people online. I wrote about how to write, edit, publish and market your own books. I wrote my life story and how I came to where I am today. I wrote about so many other issues. My works are known as nonfiction.

You may be the best writer out there. This is just another job opportunity. You may also love to plant things. You may like fishing. You may buy products and sell them with a profit. At least you have a desire in your heart. If you can’t write and publish, if you can’t sell other people’s products and services online, then you can do something else. All you and I need is a security, so that we can carry on our duties.

Instead of posting nonsense on Facebook, use that platform to advertise products, and when people buy, you get your share. You can learn how these things are done from the internet itself, or contact us for help. Instead of wasting your valuable time playing dominos and speaking politics that will not help you and your immediate family, think of what to do. By the way, I am now an affiliate. This means you can actually advertise my items and each 10% for each product. This is not an advert for me, but an opportunity for you.


My argument is clear. Not everyone can find an employment, either with the government or an organization. I do work with a media house, yet I am working each night just on my personal computer. The only difference between me and you is about how we set our minds to think. For me, even though there are serious challenges in South Sudan, such as lack of electricity, I make use of the little one I have. Nothing can stop me from what I want to do, because there are always opportunities.

I do know that the government cannot be able to employ everyone. All we need for now is peace, so that we do our own things in the country. We pray and do our part to make peace a reality. This article is also intended to help bring peace. Idleness is one reason why people turn into fighting each other. Our conflict is not all between the government and rebels, but the problem is rooted in how we think. If you and I can be busy thinking on what to do for ourselves, families, communities and the nation, who will think of fighting? Those you point fingers to, are doing the same, thinking you are the problem!

In short, find out what you love doing, and look for every opportunity to do it. Not doing what you know is right is your own failure. Challenges will never come to an end as long as we live, but you can use the same challenges to climb the ladder towards success. I do. You can do the same in your own situation. Also, you can’t know what you are good at, until you try several things. Patience and hard work combined will pay you back.

Thanks for reading. If you want to know more, you can always check out some tips at my personal blog.

John Monyjok Maluth (John Wiyual Tut) is an international business writer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology with South African Theological Seminary (SATS) in 2012. He has helped countless young entrepreneurs across the globe. His bestselling titles are; Internet Residual Income and Payoneer Payments for Kindle Publishers. You can reach to him through his blog at: www.iribiz.wordpress.com.