The lover of all wisdom
Is the center of all religious views
Of the worlds beyond ours!
Man sees in his own heart
The unseen realities
His eye sees not!
Beyond the physical
Lies the imagined world
It can or can’t be real!

So many are religions of the world
Which one is truer than others?
They all claim to be right
The only right view of all times!
And that makes religion
A man-made philosophy!

Advanced are physical sciences
But they are limited
To the natural entities
Religion with all its kinds
Tries to bridge the gap
Between the nature and the imagined

Are there known aliens?
Who ever seen one?
No need to prove they exist
Just believe and you will see!
And this is true with religion.
Believe and you will get
All the imagined things.

Muslims believe in their
Different views of God and life
Christians do so
Krishna Consciousness does
And confused is the searching heart
Between the rivers of life
Religion is a philosophy!
We cannot prove it wrong or right.
It’s beyond natural.