When rain touched the ground once again
The second time that year!
Blossomed are the trees
Sprouted are the seeds on the ground
Pleased are the birds of the air
They call it “Nairobii…”

To the birds of all kinds
A place to live
To all humans
A place to visit!
The weather is cool and cold
Then, people crashed into each other
Because busy-ness takes its course!
They call it “Nairobii…”

From the feet to the top of the head
They pull the blankets and bedsheets
Cold is the weather
Giving its name a meaning!
If this weather can be donated
The world shall bless the donors!
They call it “Nairobii…”

Dressed are the city residences
In their own dress codes
Busy are they that enters into it
Connected is the world
From the east to the west!
They call it “Nairobii…”

It’s main business
Seems to come
From the horn of Africa!
It’s inhabitants hail
From all over the earth.
Men and women loved the city
Here are well kept
The regional historical archives!
They call it “Nairobii…”

Rejoiced are the birds of the air
Because life returned
glad are the wild animals
Because it’s time of joy and gladness!
Happy are the humans
Because right is the weather for life
They call it “Nairobii…”

And rejoice
For the city is good to live in
Birds and plants
Animals and humans
All kinds of insects
Minus the fish
Let’s all rejoice!
They call it “Nairobii…”