Poem VI: Our Present


Our human nature,
Is still on the throne!
Even at our present hour
Just as it was in the past,
And it’s likely to be the same
In the coming future!

Human nature,
Not religion or politics,
Leads in all things we know and do!
We are our human nature’s products,
And religion in its all forms,
Is a product of our human nature.

Our present, just as our past,
Is full of human things.
We think human thoughts
We act out our human thoughts,
All because we are human!

Dogs are dogs,
Humans are humans,
No confusion,
No mix,
And there we are!

Today becomes yesterday,
And tomorrow becomes today,
But only if we make it there!
The thoughts we think,
The news we watch or read about,
Make our day great again.

Yet our nature,
Defines it all,
We give every activity a new meaning!
Things look the way they are to us,
Because that’s how we see them.

My day has just started,
America is busy now,
Electing the next world-president after Obama!
I am busy,
Writing new poems,
New marketing contents,
And new little books,
For serious business folks like you!

What makes your day great?
Is it ‘Making America Great Again’?
Is it ‘Stronger Together’?

As I watched the American Elections 2016,
And praying together,
With hundreds of thousands of Americans,
All over the world,
Sales are taking place.
Internet Residual Income,
Is dominating the World Wide Web,
As Trump and Clinton dominate the Whole World Web.

I have got something new to do,
Each and every day.
I am the most busy folk in Africa,
A self-employed young, brilliant African writer!
This is my present hour,
This is my day!

I do have something new to do each day,
What is it that’s dominating your day?
Remember, today is yesterday,
And tomorrow is today,
And the day after tomorrow,
Is tomorrow!
Play, eat, work, sleep,
And the story keeps repeating itself!

You must do everything else,
In between,
That’s how to make your day.

Oh mankind,
You are not like any other known animal!
Make your day to day,
Great again,
Stronger together!