Poem V: The Past


Yesterday is gone,
And today is about to go!
Even this text you are reading,
Is already past,
And the days keep coming and going.
That’s how life is all about.

What can we learn from the past?
We can learn a lot,
From yesterday,
If we only see,
With the eyes of enlightenment!
Our past is full
Of bad and good things alike,
Yet it’s our history!

Human history in general,
Is full of events,
of different kinds of things,
Wars have been dominant,
In human history,
conflicts of all types!
Nature has been good to me,
God has been loving from the past,
Even today He is still good and loving!

Whether my past was the way it was,
It came only to pass,
Words and deeds were all done,
They came and remain as history!
When I look back into the past,
I remember all my mind can recall,
I have nothing to do,
But to laugh,
And feel free!

The past sets me free,
From my present and future.
I remember the events,
Insects, and all there was in my past.
I recall my loved ones,
That passed on!
I remember my friends and colleagues,
That I may not see again.

Sit back,
And recall your past,
Recall your days,
recall your hours,
Months and years!
What can you learn from it?
One truth about the past,
Is that it will never come back again!

The past came only to pass,
Today is passing by,
As tomorrow comes along.
Stay still oh human heart,
Stay calm.
You too will pass on,
To the other side of the tunnel,
The land without returning!

Oh, mankind, you are making history,
Your past is full of something to tell,
And you can learn a lot from it,
But only if you are willing to learn from your past.
Remember your past will never come back to you,
You will go to it,
When the time comes!