Poem III: Human History


Wherever they originated from,
they do have their history,
whether they came from Africa,
or they were from America,
whether they came from Europe,
or they came from Australia,
wherever they came from,
they are but humans!

Their history,
is full of wars,
as deadly and destructive,
as history tells,
both to humans and nature!
There were disasters,
man-made and natural!

They called them religious,
as well as political,
they call them racial,
ethnic and resource wars.
But, the root cause of wars,
goes back to their own DNA,
it goes back to their human nature!

They divide and rule,
they fought and separate,
from each other,
and tribes were born.
Imaginary lines were drawn,
from the injured minds of the past,
nations, countries, and lands were marked,
kingdoms came and pass,
yet humanity lived on!

They settled in different places on earth,
and history keeps repeating itself.
Lands were marked,
in favor of the great and powerful.
Where did humans settled at first?
No matter where and how,
they are but humans!

Oh, mankind, you are still unique and special,
your history,
is full of wars and all kinds of evil deeds,
yet you are still the crown of creation.
Why are there natural disasters?
Did a god initiate them?
Why is man always at war with himself?
I do not know the reasons and the answers,
for billions of such questions.
But one thing I know,
is the fact that,
humans are special creatures,
they are the crown of creation.