Poem II: Where Do Humans Come From?


Where do humans come from?
some thought they came from the moon,
not from the sun or the sky above,
neither from the earth beneath!

Humans have their own origin,
created or evolved,
they do have a beginning,
and anything with a beginning,
must have an end!

Humans have races,
some call themselves the white,
the black,
the red,
the yellow,
and the list goes on and on.

But, are there white people?
Are there black humans in the real sense of the term?
There are no white or black people on earth,
At least I have never seen one.

There are only dark and light skinned humans,
but we still have a job to do,
we must delete these words and concepts,
in billion minds on the planet earth.
No race,
no color, but humanity.

Where do humans come from?
Was it Africa, America, Europe, or Australia?
Wherever they originated from,
they are but humans!

Oh, human-kind,
the man without, and the man with a womb (woman),
remeber your real roots!
Remember your origins,
and live like humans,
even though you just don’t know,
what it means to be.
Live in love and peace,
with each other,
since there is no race or color,
but humanity.
You are but human kind,
because you are a man of your own kind!