Poem I: Who Is Mankind?


He resembles other creatures. He looks like an ape,
in some ways, at least his physical parts.

He is made of blood, he is bones, and skin, and muscles, and chemicals,
And he has everything animals share in common,
Yet he is unique and still very different!

Mankind, is a unique organism, ever existed,
Does he have a soul, spirit and body?
Will he ever live on forever?
He is made of spirit, soul and body,
He seems to live on after he breathed his last!

Whether he was created,
Whether he evolved,
What is known about him,
is his uniqueness!

He can be just another animal,
But his knowledge and wisdom crossed the road,
His moral values are like none other,
Rather than his own,
He is called mankind,
Because he is man in his own kind.

What is man, that he rules the earth?
Oh, mankind, do all that you can,
While still in the land of the living,
And leave the rest,
That you can not!
Because your maker,
Set some limits for you.

You have a capacity,
As the sea has its boundaries,
So you are!
Your name is mankind,
We are your seed,
And your seed shall live on,
Until the last of the least!
Mankind is not a bird,
He is not a fish,
He is not a grass,
He is not an insect,
He is not a thing,
His name is Adam,
The father to all humans!