You Have To Eat Them!


Good whatever time, dear reader. Sometimes in life, we have to swallow them up anyway, whether we like them or not. It’s just the way it is. Religion, or any other encouragement system, could help by persuading us not to do so, but the fact is, we must eat them up, whether we like it or not.

A few days ago, while still in Nairobi, I felt some common signs and symptoms of Malaria, known as the Bad Air in its original terms. But, Malaria is not just some bad air. It’s caused by some kind of parasites, right?

Yesterday, 27th October, 2016, I went to a nearby clinic, called Saika Nursing Home, and the doctors told me I have Malaria parasites in my blood, and some bacterial infection. They then prescribed some medication for me to take.

As I write this, I have taken some of those chemicals, to kill the bad air, and some bacterias, living in my blood. I have no idea why these things want to live inside of me, and instead of living there peacefully, they cause me pain and trouble.

Anyway, I have to eat some of these tablets.

I’m tired of Malaria in Africa.

  • Is there no final cure for this terrible disease?
  • Why are we not immune to it?

I have been getting this sickness, since the 1980s, when I first came into this planet, but it still gets into me, as if it was born a few days ago. Why is my body not serious enough to get rid of this, without any medications?

I know, speaking in the other mysterious tongues may help, but it keeps coming back again, and again! Please, let me know if you know any final cure for Malaria. I also want to know how I can prevent it. Hiding under a treated mosquito net, is not the final cure.

I made my doctors laugh a little, when I asked them some funny, yet heartfelt questions about Malaria. These tiny little animals/insects, or whatever they are called, cause trouble to our big bodies.

Stay safe and be careful.

Malaria is real!