My Life In Kenya


It was the second time to be in Kenya again, after 11 years passed!
I first entered the Kenyan territory, back in September, 2005.
I then came back here on 12th October, 2016.

When I first came to Kenya, I stopped at the border.
It was the border of Kenya and Sudan, before South Sudan was born.
The place where I was, was called Loki, the short name for Lokichoggio, a Turkana name.

The second time I visit Kenya, I flew from Juba, to Nairobi.
Juba became the capital of South Sudan, from 9th July, 2015.
It was still the capital city, even as I wrote this piece.
I wrote this, while seated in the Nation Centre, in Nairobi.

This post is all about my life in Kenya.
I came here for a reason.
The reason was not simple.
It was because my entrepreneurship skills brought me BIGGER troubles.
I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, while staying in my beloved nation—South Sudan.

Therefore, I came to Kenya, seeking help.
But, Kenya was not home!
I never felt at home, when in Kampala, Addis Ababa, or Lagos.
Someone rightly said, “Home is always home—Kuol Duot“…

In Kenya, I have to move everywhere I go, with all my documents.
These are my passport, and National ID cards.
Why? Because I am a foreigner in this land.
Nobody may want to ask me of these documents. But my conscience keeps telling me to move with them!

Kenya is different.
It’s not South Sudan. It’s not Sudan. It’s Kenya.
People drive cars in a different way.
In Sudan and South Sudan, we drive and keep right.
But in Kenya, they drive on the left hand side of the road!

As you may know, life in big cities like Nairobi, is tricky, and full of crime.
I must be extra-careful here, than I do in Juba, South Sudan.
People here are just too busy to talk with you.
They seem to have no extra time to waste!
They speak as they move.
Well, me too.
I love ’em.

For the sake of readability, I must stop here.
But, I’m nor FINISHED!
Will I ever get FINISHED?
I hope not.

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