If It Doesn’t Exist, I Will Create It!

I have just remembered what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told us, about this time last year in Lagos, Nigeria. The pastor said to a group of about 600 translators, “You are creators”. I was one of the people in the group, and I do believe I am a creator too.

Creation happens in the mind of the creator, before the world sees it!

When we talk about creators, I think of people like Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the Kenyan boy who created M-Pesa and so on. I’m in the list of creators, even though not yet in the newspapers. I have created something, and I will continue to create other things.

Do you know about Maluth Notepad? What about Windows Program Launcher? What about System Manager?

These are all little creations I have created, back in 2012. They are pieces of software that can help you manage, and repair some Windows issues. I created them for free use. No hosting side of them yet. If you like them, let me know. I can still send them to you for free!

Hey, all about me?

What about you, sir/madam?

What can you create out of nothing?


You can create a software, a game, a device like an ATM card, a picture, or nearly anything of a good use. But, only if you think you can. The only person to stop you from doing it, is no one else but you. Not even me, or the spirit being perceived to be called God, or gods, it’s you who determine what you can be able to do!

The point is, if Payoneer and PayPal don’t help me with my business issues in Africa, I will create another solution. Oh, Yes! I’m on my way to create another Amazon in Africa. It’s called “Discipleship Press”. It will be able to help you upload your manuscript, and grind it into multiple e-book formats in seconds!

Because I accept this to happen, it will!

For sure, if it doesn’t exist, I will create it!