In a Foreign Land


Wednesday 12th October, 2016, marked the day I left South Sudan, my beloved nation.

My love for my country and its people, seems to be fading away. The reason is simple—targeted killings of the innocent civilians, by the army. This army is the same national army, which has the mandate to protect its own citizens, now divided into two—(SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG).

It seems there is no glimpse of hope left in me. No matter how I love and admire the most beautiful country in the world, the way my people behave is beyond human. I can not be able to explain the situation in this piece of writing.

Therefore, I have decided to take a tour to Kenya. I call it, “The First East African Business Trip“.


I need a place where I can be secure, as I do the everyday job—writing and publishing books and articles.

I have been here in Nairobi, for a week and a day now.

Since I came, I have met former friends, and I made new ones. Things are moving on very well. We have created a New Company. I’m planning to meet other authors from East Africa, who may be in need of my services.

I promise you, the day is brighter!

Things that don’t work in South Sudan, will surely work here. I have been already made aware of a mobile money system, known to the locals as the M-PESA, meaning Mobile Money.

To keep you updated, simply follow this blog, and you will be on the journey with me and the team.

Thanks for reading…