Just Speechless!

My family was about to be among them. But, something told me not to allow them to come with that car!
Most women and children, together with some men, perished in that attack.
I counted the dead bodies myself, on Sunday morning.
Just horrible!
I can’t understand God’s love, justice and care anymore.
I just can’t take it in.
Deeply touched, and mourning.
I know all of them who died.
I have been their teacher, mentor, and their man of God.
What can I tell the living?
That this is how God cares for them?
That God still love them?
What do I tell them?
Nothing else, but myths.
The current events in our world, do not show anything good and just.
Many are in prisons in South Sudan for no reason.
Some even fall sick and die there, as long as their uncles are not the BIG guys in the army!
Where is justice then?
Many suffer, and die of hunger, when their fathers, elder brothers or husbands, walk in the bush, serving the government or the opposition leader, of whom they never seen face-to-face.
I just can’t understand any part of it.
But, what I now know is that, there is nothing called the TRUTH
All we teach is wishful thinking.