October 2016


Welcome to October, 2016. In this first week of the tenth month of the year, we have released two great titles. These are Internet Residual Income, and Welpieth Ke Yecu Kritho. As the title suggests, the second book is written in the Dinka Padang Language of the South Sudan.

The first title, Internet Residual Income, is not a new book. We published this book before, but in a digital format. You can check out the digital version of it right here. This book proved itself to be the best of all books we have ever published so far. Those who read this book only write positive book reviews.

The book promises to deliver to you what it has in its pages—success. For sure, you must do your part. The author’s work is done. He has written a guide for your own consumption. Your job is to read, and do what the book asks you to do, in order for you to reap the harvest that it promises.

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