Are You Right?

Beyond Myth

With the start of a new school year, a lot of things change.

Meeting new people. Buying new supplies and clothes. New teachers and classes.

The summer ends while a new school year starts. Then a new perspective about yourself and the world around you forms.

As I discussed in earlier blogs, there are a lot of difficulties and challenges you may face. Some of these you might already face like bullying, family struggle, and heart-ache.

But there is a new challenge on the rise now – and it is consuming today’s generation like never before.

The challenge of God’s existence

I’m sure you’ve either seen or heard of the movie ‘God’s Not Dead’.

If not – it’s the story of a college student assigned to a new class. The class is taught by a teacher who is an atheist. From day one the teacher instructs his students to write on a piece of paper ‘God is dead’ to avoid any future tension in the classroom.

This doesn’t set well with the one student. For the rest of the movie he proves to his teacher that God is not dead.

What does this have to do with you starting school, though?

We are living in an age where more and more people are turning their backs on God. You will encounter several people – if not already – who go against what you believe.

They may argue with you, be angry at you, hate you, even bully you over this.

You could be reading this and not believe in the existence of God either. Maybe you believe He is there half the time, but feel unsure and doubt whether He is real or not.

Whichever it is, the situation grows.

When tensions rise, we need to have proof for what we believe. This is why I’m going to cover major areas where many claim there is no god.

Evolution vs. Creation

This is the big one.

First off, the Universe is so infinite there is no way to know all of its wonders. There are those who believe it resulted as a ‘Big Bang’ and those who believe it resulted from a creator.

The ‘Big Bang’ theory was first suggested by Sir Fred Hoyle because he was against the idea that the universe even had a beginning.

Yet many scientists have discovered that the stars continue to move apart from each other. This suggests that the universe is continually expanding like a balloon expands.

When something expands it always expands from a starting point.

The evolutionary theory teaches that there was no starting point. The ‘Big Bang’ suggests that matter already existed to be distributed by the ‘Bang’.

This isn’t logical because it leaves out an explanation for how the matter existed in the first place.

Matter simply cannot make itself out of nothing.

Intelligent Design

Since nothing can make something then we have to be led to a creator.

Scientists have noted the specific design of the universe. Not only did it seem to have a beginning, but it has a design as well.

Matter is mostly clumped in stars, planets, and other things. Then stars are clumped into galaxies, and galaxies are clumped into galactic clusters.

Not only has this been observed, but for life to exist the conditions of the universe have to be precise.

Since we know the universe is expanding, then if it expanded too quickly the matter would be too far apart and planets couldn’t form. If the universe expanded too slowly, matter would clump too much and there still wouldn’t be planets.

If the expansion rate of the universe were slightly off from one part in 100,000 followed by fifty zeros, then it would be completely thrown off.

In other words – if winning the lottery five times in a row wouldn’t happen by chance, then the existence of the universe couldn’t happen by chance. Which is what the evolutionary theory suggests.

Among other things, life on earth wouldn’t be impossible if:

-The distance of the sun was more or less than 92,960,000 miles.

-The moon’s gravitational pull on an object from earth’s surface was greater or less than 1/2,000th of a pound.

-A day was longer or shorter than 86,400 seconds.

Moral Conscience

In Genesis 1:26-27 and Acts 17:29, humans are not just intelligent animals. Man is the offspring of God who is made in God’s image.

The idea that we evolved from monkeys cannot be true.

People have a moral compass and the ability to plan ahead. Animals aren’t able to reflect on what they did in the past like people can. People set goals, have hopes and dreams, and acknowledge that there is right and wrong.

We may disagree on what is right or wrong sometimes, but we all agree that there are rights and wrongs.

If humans simply evolved, then there would be no purpose for a moral conscience.

Think about it.

If we are solely responsible for our self, then we are each our own god. And if we are our own gods, then everything is allowed.

If a thief wants to steal, then no one would have a reason to stop him. If a murderer wants to kill, then it wouldn’t be a right or wrong action.

Yet most people don’t agree with these actions, so it cannot be possible for a moral conscience to have simply evolved.

Evolution has no purpose for our sense of morality. It supports ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and materialistic ideals. Not a moral conscience of right or wrong.

C.S. Lewis wrote:

“Conscience reveals to us a moral law whose source cannot be found in the natural world, thus pointing to a supernatural lawgiver.”

A few fun facts

I could go on about the existence of God with matters of the Bible, prophecies, and historical evidence. This blog can only touch the tip of the iceberg with proof.

Because I can’t dive deeper in the other areas here – I’ve listed a few more facts that prove the existence of a creator.

-Nature is so mathematically exact that scientists can predict ellipses years in advance.

-The sun actually has its own orbit. (Psalm 19:4-6)

-The sun’s orbit moves at 600,000 miles per hour in an orbit that would take 220,000,000 years to complete.

-The nervous system is more complicated than a major city’s phone system transmits info by nerve impulses at 300 miles per hour.

-The human brain is equivalent to 20 million books. (Psalm 139:14)

Before humans could…

Eels can produce 700 volts of electricity at will.

Bats use supersonic sound pulses to navigate dark caves.

Fireflies flash electric signals to each other.

Bees air condition their homes.

Bird’s nests reflect masonry, weaving, tunneling, and structural strength.

God’s fingerprints are seen and acknowledged everywhere. If you’re ever put on the spot one day – just remember what you read in this blog.

It’s one thing to collect facts for God’s existence and another thing to recognize God is someone you can have a relationship with. Next time I’ll explain the Lord’s prayer and what it will mean for you.

Sarah Sloan

Team Leader and Writer

Warrior Arise Ministries!