The Civil War

After the long war with the Sudan, South Sudan began its own internal war against itself on Sunday, 15th December, 2013. This civil war lasted for a few years, and killed thousands of our people, both militants and civilians.

At the time I wrote this prophetic book, there were many undesirable challenges, facing this nation. Thousands of our people were still living in the UN compounds across the nation.

Millions of people were displaced to the neighboring countries. This also resulted in a hopeless situation for many people.

Many people began to see with the optical eyes only! They only saw bad roads, hunger, economic crisis, war and destruction, in all times! Many began to lose hope for the youngest nation of the world.

The outward fact was that, our roads were not secure, even at the time of this writing. Our towns were insecure, because people were killed in them, almost on the weekly basis, if not daily!

As I wrote this part of the book, the United States dollar was worth 36 South Sudanese Pounds! This raised the prices in the market to more than 50%, and this alone was a deadly thing for the people of the nation.

There was also a growing rebellion against the current leadership, almost everywhere in the nation at the time of this writing. All these brought a lot more confusion to the citizens of this beautiful nation of the world.

The Negative View

Because of the situation in South Sudan, many people have already lost hope! People think that, things will never come back to normal. The cost for a living became so high, that to live in towns was a real problem!

Things became so much expensive in the market, because it seems most of the commodities came from the nearby nation of Uganda. The import was also higher than the export! It seems the only export we had by then was the oil.

This oil was exported through the Sudan, the former perceived enemy of our young nation! There was no public electricity in the nation. Even the capital city—Juba, was powered using personal generators, owned by the business folks.

These business people came from many nearby nations, to try their best to invest in South Sudan.

Getting services, such as the Internet was not easy, and mostly very expensive. Many banks do not allow the withdrawal of US dollars, even when you have it in the account!

Most people began to blame the government, for the useless, senseless war. Many others blamed the rebels for the same.

When the US dollar rate reaches to over 3,500 SSP, the commodities became so expensive for an average person, and life literally became so hard! The insecurity in the whole nation became even more serious than before!

Because of the situation in South Sudan, many of our people became hopeless. Most people, especially those with money, decided to take refuge outside the nation. This was because of the insecurity. Most people also wanted their kids to study outside.

At this time, there were no good schools in the country. There were no better healthcare services, and the people were dying because of simple, curable diseases, all over the country.

The few businesses that were around were owned by foreigners!

In short, there was insecurity all over the nation. There were no better healthcare facilities and services. There were no tarmac roads, no investment companies, and no local businesses, owned by the nationals!

There was no proper transportation system, either by land, air or water! There were no better schools across the nation, either by the government, or private! There was no food security as well.

These were few of the things that made people to think and act negatively in this nation. The issue was that, many people still think, it’s the government to do all these services for them!

The people of South Sudan longed for peace to come back to the country, as soon as possible, but it was not! They wanted peace, so that they can plan and work for themselves.

People needed peace, so that the development of the land can follow. But, in all these needs, there seems to be nothing! There were no changes at all, in the area of security.

Our leaders signed peace deals several times, and they leave them on the papers! No one seems to be caring about the implementation of peace agreements! Different rebel groups started to fight against the government forces across the nation!

Yet, nothing changed for the good of the nation!

The Greater Upper Nile was known as a war zone, since 2013, and no commercial flights to that part of the nation! There were literally no civilians to be found on that side of the country, at the time I wrote this.

Men voluntarily took guns, to defend themselves, and their families! Even the peaceful Equatorians started to join the fighting in different ways! There were armed groups, and unknown gunmen, in the east, central and western Equatorial region.

All of these people were fighting for life!

They were fighting for peace and the stability of the nation.

But, they were all fighting the wrong enemy, in the wrong way!

The real enemy of this nation was not President Salva Kiir, or Dr. Riek Machar!

It was not the government or the opposition!

The Positive View

Science says, “We become what we eat physically”, and this is true, as long as the physical body is concerned.

It’s also true, that we become what we say! Our nation becomes what we say it to be!

You get the point?

We become what we say we are!

This means, when people speak negatively about themselves, it makes them whatever they say they are, in the real world.

So, whenever we speak negatively about our beloved nation, the more we see negative things happening around us!

Positive thinking is not a denial of the current situation. It’s to confess the fact that, whether we like it or not, whether we do anything about it or not, this situation will change one day!

No matter how far or near is that day, it will surely come!

This useless war in South Sudan will come to an end!

The economic situation will also normalize. Great services and investment companies will begin to operate in this nation. The businesses of all kinds, including my Online Entrepreneurship will begin to leap and grow.

It’s just a matter of time. South Sudan as a new nation of the world will grow in all directions! The roads will be constructed, the security will normalize, and everything else will come to normal.

It doesn’t matter whether we do anything about it now or not, the situation will never remain the same forever! Things must change for the good of South Sudan as a nation.

As the man of God, I speak what God speaks. These words you are now reading are not just from my wishful thoughts. They are true prophecies about South Sudan!

It is God’s own will for such a nation like South Sudan to exist as it is. The fact is, we are fighting a spiritual war.

Our real enemy is God’s enemy, the devil.

For this reason, we must fight in a different way, rather than fighting each other.

We must do what we know is right, instead of complaining. The solution to our national problem is not war against each other. The solution is not to complain about the war. The solution to know what is good to be done, and do it.

I know it is good for me to write this, so I did!

If the South Sudanese people are busy working, who will be fighting?

I personally have no time to waste, talking about others negatively! I have something to do, each day, week, month and each year.

My main job on earth is to learn and teach others, which are willing to learn like me.

My work is to use my time and talents well, before I pass on! My work is to dream of the future, and make it known to those who are willing to know about it.

My work is not to talk negative things about others, but to speak what God says about them!

It’s also my work to discover who I am, according to my maker.

It’s my heart’s desire to share what I have with you, to inspire you and bless you!

Yes, I have a different view, concerning our current situation in South Sudan. I know that, the time will come for all problems to be no more, but remember, problems still come in different shapes and sizes!

Even the United States of America has its own unique problems at the moment! The President Kiir could not handle my own problems, even though he has money and power.

Therefore, to think and begin to complain, instead of doing what you know is right, is a sign of defeat!

There is no way I can complain, since I know I have a role to play before I die. My role is to preach the Gospel of peace and reconciliation, through writing.

I must present the Gospel in many different languages of South Sudan. I believe the Gospel is the only solution to human problems.