South Sudan

Since July 9th, 2011, South Sudan is no longer called Southern Sudan, or Sudan. It became the newest nation in the world at that time!

South Sudan is made up of many ethnic African peoples, from different worldviews and religions. The main religious groups in South Sudan at the time of this writing were; Christianity, Islam, ATR, and Atheism. No argument about atheism being a religion!

It seems Christianity was the leading, even though it seems not to be a religion as such. Christians believe that everyone on earth needs the Gospel of Christ, because it is a power unto salvation to everyone that believes!

South Sudan was made of three main regions. These are: Bahr el Ghazal in the west, Upper Nile in the north, and the Equatoria in the south. It borders Sudan in the north, Ethiopia in the east, Kenya in the southeast, Uganda in the south, and DRC in the west.

South Sudan is known as a land-locked nation, since it has no port to any sea! The nation is rich in all natural resources and raw minerals! It has gold, oil, copper, and so much natural wealth.

It is the most beautiful nation in the whole world!

I am proud to be born here!

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