Do You Complain?

Complaining does not change your wife’s lifestyle! I have been complaining for years, but I must do what I know is right instead.

Complaining doesn’t change your husband’s way of talking, walking eating and sleeping!

I know, it is always painful to keep doing what you know is good and right, when the other party is not in full agreement with you.

But, this is the better thing you can ever do, instead of complaining.

If you do not like your spouse for whatever reasons, find the better solution to that!

If the problem is with you, fix it.

If the problem is with your spouse, let them work it out, or else, you will die complaining.

Even in your workplace, complaining will never solve any existing problems. It will likely cause more problems or make the current ones worse. I personally used to complain more than anyone else on the face of the earth!

But, I have just learned that, there is nothing positive about complaints.

Wherever I find myself complaining, when problems show up, I soon remember the fact that, complaining is not a solution to any of those problems.

I used to complain about my wife, children, and about the situation in the nation, but the message of this book is that, when we complain, it means we admit out defeat!

Therefore, do not complain, just do the right thing at the right time, since you are the right person!

If I think my wife is not the right person for me, I must do what is right.

But, what is that right thing?

Is it right according to whom?

What is the best way to handle issues, instead of complaining?

The best way is to look away from the problems, not to deny them anyway!

This is not to deny their existence, but to avoid them to overcrowd our focus and vision. Therefore, I refuse to complain about anything!

I do not complain about my wife. If she is dangerous to live with, she must leave my presence.

I have no reason to complain about my beloved nation, South Sudan. Instead of complaining, I declare whatever God says about my beloved country, situation or family. I speak peace and reconciliation.

This may not be practical, but it is much better than complaining. I must do what I think is required of me, in any level of my responsibility, instead of saying it. I must write this book, instead of wishing to write it, when I know I can.

When you are about to complain about something, the best thing to do is to ask, “What does God say about this?” I do not complain to God anymore about my family issues, and I do not complain to him about my work or nation.

I must declare and do what God says in his Word! His Word has something to say about each and everything that is happening in our lives, here and now.

The fact is God is very much aware of all things, and if he allows them to happen, then he must have a better reason than what I think!

God is aware about me, my family, my work, my nation and all my issues, as he is aware of his own creation.

Is this religion?

I think this is my view of life.

Others may call it religion, but I think it is just the way I was brought up. We become who we are today, because of many other factors.

I believe God is very much aware of all things that are happening in my life.

Therefore, I must love myself, family, friends, the relatives, co-workers, neighbors, my nation, and the whole creation!

I refuse to complain to anyone about anything.

I refuse to complain to God.

I love my nation, South Sudan!

Oh God bless South Sudan!