New Developments

It’s been a time of fighting, and war again in my capital city. Many people placed orders for my bestsellers, but the these orders took about a week, before delivery, something that rarely happen with Discipleship Press. You may be one of the victims, right? Anyway, the reasons for not sending you your digital books is because there was no airtime in most parts of Juba.

The insecurity, is what we celebrated this year, not our independence! I personally was indoors, in fear of being shot down by an unknown gunman, commanding himself/herself without the knowledge of my President, or First Vice President. This means, soldiers here can do whatever they want, in the name of their leaders. My army still lacks discipline, as one of the BBC reporters rightly said, back in 2014.

New Logo

However, despite the fighting in Juba, we managed to do some little things. One of them is our new logo, which costs 1,000 SSP = $500.00, before my currency became a prey to any international money! Is that a lot of money? I think it is worth having. You will soon notice that the icon for Discipleship Press has changed to that new logo.


Due to the crisis, we have not yet managed to fully register our company. First, we are registering it as a business name, with the Ministry of Justice. This would have been a gone case now, if there was no interruption. It reminded us of our post last year, right? Plans Interrupted, by Randall Brewer.

New Books

We have also published new books!

We now have two separate stores online. One is Discipleship Press, and the other is TripleClicks. You will always find something interesting in these digital book store. We are adding new services, such as Author Training Service, Affiliate Training Service, Website Creation Service and Marketing Training Service.

Google Adwords!

For years, we could not manage to create ads on Google Adwords, because the number of our followers was low. Now, you have made it all possible! We can create and activate ads in all nations. Even if your email message contains words similar to our keywords, you may see our ads, right in your Gmail Inbox!

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

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