The 5th Anniversary

Dear readers. You may all know that, South Sudan as the youngest nation of the world, is now five years old from its independence from Sudan. The country was officially declared the Republic of South Sudan on the 9th July, 2011.

Instead of us celebrating the great day with joy and happiness, the day was greeted with bullets and serious clashes, and over a hundred soldiers of this great nation perished! Different sources give us different news, therefore, we are not sure what actually happened, leading to the fight between the two armies.

South Sudan is in a peace process, signed in August, 2015 to end the two-year conflict in the nation. The fighting started around 8:40 PM, on Thursday 7thnJuly, and again at 4:40 PM, on Friday 8th July, just before the big day. The same presidential guards who started the civil war in the country started the fighting among themselves, when the three leaders of the nation were at the meeting, to resolve the cause of the previous clashes.

Right now, the situation is calm, but no one knows for sure whether shops will open today or not. Citizens are hungry, since there were no open shops for the last two days in the whole of Juba, and most people were caught unaware, and they bought no enough food items.

Security personnel are still deployed on the main roads of the city, putting people with marks on their heads at risk. The problem in my nation is that, when you are identical to the rebels, you are seen as such, and the marks play a big part in this. Read my book on the marks in South Sudan, that leads to the killing of innocent civilians, because they look like the rebels.

May God bless South Sudan! You can read more here: