Stop and Behold!

The Bible teaches that “old things have passed away, behold, all things become new” (2 Cor. 5:17). This verse is telling you to stop what you’re doing and take notice of what God is doing. If you don’t like what’s been happening, then behold, stop and take notice. This is precisely what you are to be doing on this the first day of the rest of your life. God is telling you that now is the time to stop and behold. Do not look at what is seen but stop and look at what is unseen. Look at life through the eyes of faith. There is a physical world and there is a spiritual world. The physical world is temporary and the spiritual world is eternal. Why look at what is here today and gone tomorrow? No, with eyes of faith stop and behold that which lasts forever. Look into the world of the eternal. 
Sometimes the bad things in life can overwhelm you. It appears that your problems are bigger than you are and, in truth, sometimes they are. But how much more in awe should you be and overwhelmed by what takes place in the realm of the spirit? The difference between a natural person and a spiritual person is what’s on their mind. The natural person looks at what is temporary and the spiritual person looks at what is eternal. The question to be asked is, “What’s on your mind?”
What you think about determines the direction your life will take. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7). Your  life is programmed to go in the direction of your most dominate thought. What you think about determines what you’ll do, where you’ll go, and what you will become. Never minimize the value of a Godly thought. Your thoughts become your desires and the Bible says that God will gives you the desires of your heart. The key is to stop and behold.
When you woke up this morning did you like everything you saw around you? If not, then stop and behold. Those things are subject to change. They probably won’t change instantly. The Bible says old things “become” new. And when does this change occur? When you look at life through the eyes of faith. You may not like everything you see in your life today. Most likely there are many things in your life that are not as they should be. But when you look into the eternal you will see God moving on your behalf. What you don’t like in the natural world will soon be gone and will be replaced by that which no man can touch. You must not look at where you’ve been but must stop and behold where you’re going. This is the key to success.
As you look ahead you will see a future that is bright, a future fueled by and sustained by the glory of God. With eyes of faith you will see His goodness and His favor overwhelming you like never before. You also will see the devil stepping in and trying to put a damper on those plans. Rest assured, he will not be successful as long as you look at the situation with eyes of faith. You can counter his evil schemes by taking a moment to stop and behold all that God has already done for you. As you do that old things pass away and the things of God become new. Before long you will see them manifesting before your very eyes. The things of the devil don’t have a ground to stand on but the things of God are founded on a Rock!

The reason many people are vagabonds and drift around in life aimlessly is because they haven’t taken the time to stop and behold. They do not know which direction their life will take because they don’t know where they’re going. They focus too much on the past and present and never take the time to stop and see where God is taking them. Their attitude is “whatever will be, will be” and “it is what it is.” They believe they have no power to control their future but they are wrong. This power comes when they take the time to stop and behold. This power is supernatural and like a giant locomotive it has the ability to pull you through your current circumstances to a life that is filled with the glory of God.
Sad to say, the world is filled with people who like to be controlled like a puppet on a string. It’s easier to let other people and certain events dictate which direction their life will take. Do not let this happen to you. God has given you one life to live and you must rise up and take stewardship of that which you’ve been given. You do that when you see into the realm of the spirit and by faith allow the Lord to order your steps accordingly. Your responsibility is to obey the direction of the Lord and have the courage to put one foot in front of the other. As you do that consistently, in time you will arrive at the place you saw when you took the time to look at life through the eyes of faith.
For sure, this is a glorious place. It has to be because the Lord brought you here. A heavenly aroma fills this place and the smell of victory is everywhere. There are no weights holding you down and in the spirit you feel light as a feather. You have come to be in the perfect will of God for your life and there is no more glorious place to be. It’s wonderful! It’s radiant! It’s exciting! It’s glorious! You have no worries here, no frets or concerns. You are in the arms of your beloved Jesus. He is your shepherd and you shall not want. Old things have indeed passed away and most certainly all things that pertain to your life have become new.
With the arms of Jesus around you it really doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. What matters is that you let Jesus take you where He wants you to go. What you think is important today won’t be important tomorrow. What is important is that you find your “secret place” where the presence of God dwells and by faith and obedience you go where He tells you to go and stay where He tells you to stay. This is what the spiritual life is all about. God always leads you in triumph and in Him you go from glory to glory. Is there a better future than this? Certainly not.
Never let yourself get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Your life and the days you live are more important than that. Stop and smell the roses. There is a whole other life out there waiting to be lived and you can live it when you slow down and take notice of what’s out there. Your Godly thoughts and faith-filled imagination will become a photograph of the direction your life is taking. It tells you where you’re going and what your life will become. There are no limits here and you can go as far as you want. Don’t accept second best. Slow down, stop and behold, and become all you were meant to be. It’s called living the good life.