In The News!

As we work on the official registration for Discipleship Press, the news about our services is spreading in the local newspapers! These newspapers are The Dawn Daily Newspaper, and The Daily Vision Newspaper. In these newspapers, we advertise the affiliate business in the front.

If you have access to these newspapers, you will see our ad titled, “Internet Residual Income” and then below it are 10 basic steps to earn money. Follow the ten steps, and earn cash today! You can get them on the Internet Residual Income website.

For sure, we are spreading, and nothing can hinder us from spreading. Right now, we are working on our official documents. As an author, there will be a checklist for you to fill, before we agree to publish your book. This will give you a clear picture about the things we do.

As a publisher, in case you would like to learn the publishing techniques for your book, there is a checklist for you as well. We will train you on how to publish books. We will also train you about how to create your own websites. We do not only publish books, we create websites for organizations and individuals.

Discipleship Press Services

  • Book Publishing Service
  • Publisher Training Service
  • Affiliate Training Service
  • Website Creation Service
  • Website Training Service

These services are both do it yourself, as well as things we do for you. You will have to pay for the services you have selected in the “Services Checklist”, since you may not really need all the services. Kindly write to us, in case you need any of our services.