Why Did You Start Writing?

When people see me, they ask me many questions. They ask me about my facial marks. They want to know why they are there. They want to know how the thing is done, when it’s done, and how painful it is to have those marks. Some want to know, if I will put the marks on my own children.

Facial Scarification, is a real problem in South Sudan. There are so many risks associated with it. People see you, and they just know which tribe you belong. People died, and many are still dying because of their marks.

So, to answer these questions, I started to write “The Scarification: The Facial Scarification in South Sudan”. This was in 2010.

This was my first book, first published on CreateSpace and KDP by Discipleship Press, my own book publishing company. I have the whole story of how I started to write and publish my books in “Self-Publishing Experience and Tips for New Indie Authors”.

Then, I realize people need more information, not only about my marks, but even about how to use computers! I then wrote computer guides, career development guides, conflict management guides, and self-employment guides.

This includes my bestsellers, “Internet Residual Income“, and “The Publisher’s Guide“…