Out Of The Box!

Dear esteemed reader of Discipleship Press newsletter. How are you doing? I’m personally being made strong day by day, by God’s Word. The Word works for them that believe it. I believe the Bible is the Word of God, and whether we believe it or not, it is!

Let me begin with some good news over the last week into this week. On the 15th June, 2016, we made it to the public in the local newspaper, named The Dawn Newspaper, here in Juba, South Sudan! That was a dream being put into action. It was my dream 4 years ago to reach the public with my ideas, gifts and talents.

The amazing thing about getting on to the newspaper pages is that, all I did was to send a link to the newspaper Marketing Manager, and soon, the article was printed! When I managed to meet the man, he told me things I never expected. He said, they are looking for people with ideas like me.

He even said, the newspaper belongs to me! Same thing happened yesterday, 20th June, 2016. Another newspaper published our adverts. The newspaper is called “The Daily Vision“. I then managed to meet the editors in chief for all these newspapers, and the meeting was very encouraging. They all spoke from their hearts.

Of course we will have to pay some thousands of SSP or South Sudanese Pounds for adverts and publicity, yet, I really appreciate what these people have done, and will continue to do for us. Soon, we will get to the local radio stations, and TV stations as well.

Now, the next big thing is that, we need people all over the world, to learn to do something they love doing. This is the reason I founded this website. You can either be a writer and publish your own books, or be an affiliate marketer, and marker our books.

To give enough room for great encouraging articles, we have created a website for our best-selling title, “Internet Residual Income” and the website address is: http://www.iribiz.wordpress.com. We will soon remove the WordPress thing. This means DP will now be for daily Bible Study Lessons, not about how to make money.

To get started now, visit the http://www.iribiz.wordpress.com and follow the ten simple steps.

God bless you! We love you dearly. You are more than a reader. You are our partner!