The Gospel In Pakistan

I would love to inform you of what God is doing in the great nation of Pakistan, through our efforts. In March 2016, Christ Embassy South Sudan sponsored hundreds of thousands of the Gospel materials to the nation of Pakistan—Rhapsody of Realities. The result was a great harvest of souls!

If you know well, Pakistan, is one of the close nations from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only power of God unto salvation, to all that believe (Romans 1:16).

But, by the power of the Holy Ghost, we are able to plant a great ministry there. There is nothing difficult that God cannot do. By God’s grace, I personally witnessed, to over 800 people in Pakistan, just using my computer!

Click here to see what happened in Pakistan!

Sudan—We, the Christ Embassy South Sudan, are planning to visit the nation of Sudan soon. The aim is to take the Gospel of Jesus there! Christ Embassy has a unique message. This message is the Gospel of Jesus, and we preach this Gospel with the demonstration of power.

By God’s Spirit, we cause healing in human bodies, demons flee, and the poor become rich, by applying the Word, just as it happened¬†during the Bible days!

You can join us in this great ministry. You can either pray or give! To give to this upcoming evangelistic program in Khartoum, Sudan, kindly send your funds to our CEO in South Sudan.

Send funds to:

John Monyjok Maluth

Western Union—South Sudan

Phone: +211955182910

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  1. That’s great John. We are with you as Christ Embassy, South Sudan. Thanks for the great work. We will sponsor ROR like never before in this month of June, our “Month of Prayer and Restoration”. Have a nice time serving the Lord of your life. Thanks for loving him so dearly.


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