Whether you are a writer or an affiliate business marketer, you must own a website! This means you must create a website, where people can find your links to books, or products and services before they can make a decision to buy.

For this reason, I have selected two trusted sites for website creation and hosting services. I personally use these sites. They are all based platforms, but with some great differences.

In this course, you will learn about Wealthy Affiliate platform, and the actual platform. Both WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate are free only for basic websites. If you wish to upgrade later, you will have to purchase both the hosting and the domain names, so that your site will look like this: (

1. Platform

Have you ever heard of before? This is a great platform out there. I use it mostly, because it is much easier to use than others.

In this course, you will learn how to sign up for an account, and start your first blog. This blog can transform into a full website in the near future. You need a website, because people will pass by and find your products and services.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Platform

WA has a great site building service, built into platform. The real difference is that you can purchase a domain name with only about $10.00 per year! Then, you have all the plugins you need for your website. Besides these services, you also meet a community of hundreds of thousands of other business owners for training and support.

3. Website Hosting Sites

There are many hosting sites out there, apart from,, Namecheap, Hostgator and many others. You will learn how to choose a hosting platform for your website in this course.

Course Benefits:

  • Create your free websites in minutes (e.g:
  • Upgrade your free site to a paid one (e.g:
  • Join thousands of entrepreneurs online.
  • Learn web design and content creation.
  • Grow a business of your own.
  • Create a Residual and Passive Income for you and your children!

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