Happy New Year 2016!


Dear all, brothers and sisters all over the globe. Today, it’s a special day for me to welcome all of you to the New Year, 2016. I would have done this on the first instead of the fifth of the month. Yet, I have been outside the internet, coverage area.

How are you doing? I hope you have started the year healthy and strong. Last year, when I was crossing from 2014 to 2015, I was weak and sick. But this year is unique for me! There are no flu, cough, or even common colds. Colds are no more common to me, because I got the life of God in my spirit!

It sounds crazy to the ears, right? Yep! But that’s the fact when you set up your mind that way. I mean, we become what we eat physically. It’s scientifically proven. If so, we also become what we put into our minds.

Oh boy! Beliefs are powerful. If you really believe in your heart that you cannot get Malaria, you will never get it. It doesn’t matter how many mosquitoes bite you! It doesn’t matter how many Malarial Parasites are in your blood.

The problem is, do you believe it? I thought this was madness for years until a few months ago. I wish I can give you a quarter of my faith, so that you can test it by yourself.

Once again, Happy New Year 2016 to you.

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