Reading For Fun

It seems this is a dream in South Sudan as a nation. I mean, reading for fun or for enjoyment. It seems all my students read for assignments, term papers, theses, dissertations, and exams.

These all fall under what they call “Compulsory Reading” category.

But, what about reading for fun? Do we have this in South Sudan? Do we have it in Africa? Why or why not?

First, the questions are too wide, and general. Maybe I should narrow them down. But I just have no idea how to make them smaller and thinner than they are.

Second, I think most people don’t read books in South Sudan. The few readers that are around only read newspapers and magazines. The rest read for their papers mentioned above.

What about you John?

I’m glad you are now talking! I do read my Bible, more than any newspaper. I read books by other authors. I even read my own books! I read posts by other posters, but I rarely make comments. I read and also write as much as I can.

Your favorite authors?

God, the Holy Spirit. He is the best author ever. Then, Pastor Chris, Wayne Grudem (not Grisim please…). And then, William Erickson, Matthew Micalwicz, Neil T. Anderson, Walter Trobisch, and the list can be endless. I mean end-less!

The old saying is still new and living… “Stop reading, stop leading”...

Do you love reading for fun?