The IPPC 2015

Greetings to all of you in Jesus’ mighty name. I have been away for about two weeks, and thank God, I’m back to my motherland, South Sudan. I traveled to three different countries in Africa this month, November 2015. I went to Uganda, Ethiopia and finally Nigeria. The reason for this trip was for International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC 2015). It was hosted by Christ Embassy.

The Journey

It was indeed a journey of faith. Can you imagine someone paying everything for me for this great trip? It happened. Someone paid it all. Jesus actually paid it all for me. He died for me, and paid the penalty for my sins. Yes, the journey was long, but great and full of discoveries. I saw things I have never seen in my life.

The Conference

The Conference was glorious, so to speak. I have no words to describe it, but thank God I was there. It is what happens once in one’s lifetime! But, by God’s grace, I will never miss this conference. It happens every year at the year ends. It was indeed a life-changing conference. My passion for the Gospel and love for Jesus grew taller than ever! I knew how big my ministry is. I knew how important I am as a translator.

Within the IPPC, there was TNIC, also known as the Translators Network International Conference with Pastor Chris. It was my first time to see Pastor Chris face-to-face. What I can tell you about this man is that his heart is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else. I thought he was a cult, but I was 100% wrong! I’m glad I have joined him in this ministry to impact the world for Jesus.


My final word to you as the reader is that, this conference is worth attending. You can attend it with me next year. If you love Jesus, you will surely love this gathering of hundreds of thousands of saints from all over the world. If you love Jesus, you will also love taking his story to the ends of your world. Please read more about it in the new book titled, “The Journey of Faith: From Yei to Lagos” (coming soon…).

Thanks for reading this post. I’m so inspired by this conference, and even my writings are going to be a blessing to my world. You are blessed to be a reader of my books and posts, just because I am a blessing.

You are a blessing to your world. I am the solution to all human problems. What? Yes! I used to wonder why people ask me for solutions to their various problems, but now I know why. I just have to believe I am special. Not because of what others are not, but because of who I am in Christ.

God bless you dearly.