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Dear readers. We have just talked about affiliate business, a few days ago. Today, I want us to look at some affiliate programs that I am using myself. For sure, there are so many affiliate programs out there today. However, not all of them are qualified to be called genuine! I only post about the ones I use myself, and found to be working as expected.

Below are few legitimate affiliate programs you can trust. Remember, businesses also compete with each other. Don’t expect to read good reviews about a business, when the review is written by a competitor of the program, or company.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate co-founder, Kyle wrote many bad reviews against the SFI system, calling it an MLM scheme. While in fact, his system is actually the same kind with SFI! You get paid only when you remain a member. You get your commissions only when the person you refer pays for their membership each month. There is no much difference at all between the SFI and the WA.

This means you have to work for your success, in whatever affiliate program you are using.

What is an affiliate program?

But, what is the affiliate program? In short, an affiliate program is a program that is meant to help you sell products and services for someone else, and get your share for that. If you are not a writer like me, and you want to make money out of my books, you can join an Amazon Associate Program, Smashwords Affiliate Program, or any other program, to generate links to my books. You can either send those links to potential customers by email, or post them on your blog or website. When people click them and they purchase a book, or even a computer on the Amazon site, you get your commissions for that.

Now, I would like to tell you about my current affiliate programs. Bear in mind that all of them may not work for you as they do for me. I have tried several affiliate programs, and even lost money in the process. However, the ones I list here works for me. I make money with these programs each and every month, when someone either signs up or buys something.

SFI Affiliate Program

This program is free to join for life! But, to make money, your referrals must work. They must buy services and products in order for you to get your share. If you have your own products (like me), you will make money selling them on You can sell your own stuff as well, and get paid off more than 90% royalty! You can also refer businesses to TC and when they list their products for sale, you get commissions when someone buys them.

Payoneer Affiliate Program

I think I have told you about this program sometimes back. You can read my full review about it here.

Wealthy Affiliate Program

WA is both an affiliate program, as well as a training site for entrepreneurs. I learned a lot from this platform. It is also a website hosting and development site. You can either promote WA and make money, or create your own business after choosing a niche. Read my review of this program here.

Amazon Affiliate Program

This program is known as Amazon Associates Program. You can sign up and generate links to any product or service. You will have to create a website or a blog to market your links. You can also use your social media to tell your friends about the products you promote. When they buy, you get a commission.

Avangate Affiliate Program

Avangate is a huge company with many vendors, including Microsoft, IObit, Toshiba and many other electronic giants. You can promote these products including antivirus programs, and get commissions when people buy them. Just remember, you will need a website/blog to make your work easier.

And that is all for now. For more information about the affiliate programs I use, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment. Let me know what you think about these programs. Have you ever used any of them before? What is your experience with the program?



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